Shot down su-25 attack aircraft


Armenian air defense mistakenly shot down 4 of its own Su-25 attack aircraft, mistaking them for the Azerbaijan Air Force

Armenia's air defense systems mistakenly shot down their own attack aircraft in a 44-day conflict with Azerbaijan.

The main losses of the Armenian Air Force in the 44-day armed conflict in Karabakh are associated with the lack of coordination between the country's own air defense units. As it turned out, in a relatively short war, the air defense of Armenia shot down four of its own Su-25 attack aircraft and one Mi-8 helicopter.

“Coordination between the Armenian Air Force and Air Defense was weak. The military countries shot down four Armenian Su-25 attack aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter. It is known that two Su-25 planes were destroyed over Vardenis and one when returning from a combat mission in Karabakh. ", - reports the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

It is for this reason that the Armenian military command expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities, which could not coordinate the actions of the country's defense department, which resulted in very serious losses.

Moreover, a number of sources claim that the Armenian Air Force has several times struck at its own air defense systems. This is due to the fact that the pilots simply did not know about the areas where their own air defense was deployed and struck at targets immediately after they were detected.

Official Yerevan has not officially commented on this information yet. It should be noted that information on this matter appeared earlier, but at the level of rumors.

This is not written by Azerbaijanis. You can read about the downed planes in the book "Storm in the Caucasus" by the Russian analytical center.

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