Helicopter shot down


Armenian air defense shot down two Azerbaijani military helicopters

Air defense systems of Armenia shot down two Azerbaijani military helicopters.

The Armenian Defense Ministry reported on the destruction of two Azerbaijani military helicopters that violated the country's border. According to the information provided, up to 20 servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces could be on board the military rotorcraft - their purpose was to land in Karabakh in order to start a further military operation in this region.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, Azerbaijan launched an attack using missiles, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, however, due to the presence of the Armenian Armed Forces in a state of full combat readiness, the attack was repelled.

“The enemy launched an air and missile attack in the direction of Artsakh. All responsibility lies with the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan. The Armenian side shot down two enemy helicopters and three UAVs. The battles continue "- сообщает Press Secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan.

It is known that the attack of the Azerbaijani military was unexpected, however, at the moment, clashes between the two countries continue - heavy weapons and military aircraft are involved.

It is known that the initial attempts to resolve the newly erupted conflict through diplomatic means failed.