Armenian air defense destroyed an Azerbaijani military aircraft moments before the strike on the radar area. Video

The Azerbaijani plane failed to bomb the area where the radar station of Armenia was deployed - it was shot down a few moments before the strike.

Unique video frames have appeared on the Web, which capture the moment of destruction of an Azerbaijani military aircraft, which intended to strike at the area of ​​deployment of Armenian radar systems. For unknown reasons, an Azerbaijani military aircraft managed to get very close to the radar area, however, in the last moments, the aircraft was still shot down.

In the video footage presented, one can see the moment the Azerbaijani plane was destroyed, which allegedly carried four aerial bombs for subsequent strike. A few seconds before this, a structure appears in the frame, which, as experts note, is the Kasta-2 radar, for completely unknown reasons, could not detect the Azerbaijani military aircraft in advance.

The Kasta-2 radar is also present in the photograph taken by Russian military journalists who showed the wreckage of the downed plane, which indicates that this is the very aircraft presented in the video of the Armenian Defense Ministry.

Experts do not exclude that jamming has become one of the factors of inaction of air defense systems.

Yes, undoubtedly An-2, and obviously without means of destruction on board - there was no detonation .... There is no doubt that the Armenian air defense was caught on "corn" ....

An-2 has fallen from the sky again? Where did they get so many of them? In the square?



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