Iranian air defense brought to the highest degree of combat readiness

Iran prepares to shoot down Israeli F-35s.

Over the next 24 hours, Israel intends to launch missile and bomb strikes on Iranian territory, which should be in response to two kamikaze drone strikes on an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of Oman. At the moment, the Iranian media, citing military sources, report that the air defense systems of the Islamic republic are on the highest level of combat readiness. Moreover, according to unconfirmed reports, some missile units are also preparing to launch a ballistic missile attack on the Israeli state if Israel really decides to aggression against Iran.

An attack on Iran could be a test for Russian weapons. In particular, today Iran is armed with the Tor, S-300 Favorit complexes and various kinds of radars, including the over-the-horizon type, the effectiveness of which will depend not only on the security of the Islamic Republic, but also on the successful defeat of enemy aircraft. ...

Experts do not exclude that, given that Iran is a Russian ally, Russia may well use its radars to monitor airspace near the Iranian border in order to provide Tehran with operational data on the impending attack, although, for obvious reasons, Moscow will not intervene into this situation.

Romania? The most cowardly nation and will hit? Neighing heartily ...

Will not interfere. But most likely Britain and Romania will hit Iran. Their people died on the ship.