Russian air defense shot down a missile flying to strike at a military airfield at a speed of 5000 km / h.

An attack on a military airfield in the Rostov region was averted after a missile traveling at an altitude of 17 km at a speed of 5000 kilometers per hour was successfully shot down. The incident occurred at a distance of only 4 km from the Morozov airfield. Such information is provided by the journalists of "Baza".

Currently, intelligence officers are working to detect and collect fragments of the downed missile. These operations are necessary to conduct a detailed analysis and determine the type of missile, its origin, as well as the possible target of the attack.

At the moment, quite a lot of questions are raised by the missile itself, which was used to strike. According to official data from the regional authorities, a Storm Shadow cruise missile was shot down, however, the latter does not fly at such an altitude, not to mention that it can develop a speed of 5000 km / h. for such a rocket is simply impossible.

According to a number of assumptions, we are talking about the Grom-2 tactical missile, since the range of the latter is sufficient to strike at such a distance, however, there are no official conclusions on this matter yet.


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