Syrian air defenses destroy Israeli Hermes drone for millions of dollars

Syrian air defenses have destroyed an Israeli drone worth several million dollars.

The drone was shot down by Syrian air defense systems during the latest Israeli strikes on the territory of the Arab Republic. According to preliminary data, the drone was shot down, as the signal with it remained until the moment it fell to the ground.

The IDF said in a statement that the military is investigating the incident and that there is no threat of leaking information from the drone. When and where the drone fell, the defense department did not specify, however, the Syrian military has not yet reported that they had found the wreckage of the drone, and equally, it has not been reported that the latter was shot down at all.

Given the use of the drone, it is more than likely that the latter was lost in northwestern Syria during strikes against the Aleppo International Airport, which Israeli fighter jets could not fly up to undetected.

It should be noted that despite the existing agreements between Israel and Russia on the de-escalation of the situation in Syria, Israel continues to ignore the Russian position, often creating a threat to Russia.


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