Drunken brawl


A drunken football player of the Russian national football team was detained at Vnukovo airport for a brawl. Video

Football player of the Russian national team was detained for drunken brawl at the Moscow airport "Vnukovo".

According to the information provided by the Lenta edition, at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, while intoxicated, the goalkeeper of the Russian national football team Andrei Lunev, who had a conflict with the air harbor officer, was detained by the police.

“Lunev had a conflict with an airport employee, after which he was taken to the police station and drew up a protocol on disorderly conduct. It is noted that 27 ppm alcohol was found in the blood of the 0,77-year-old goalkeeper during a medical examination. ”, - informs the Lenta edition.

According to other data, the football player did not like that his person was not paid enough attention, in connection with which, he began to pester the employee of Vnukovo airport, as a result of which a conflict arose, and as a result police officers were called.

There are no official comments on this matter yet, however, the actions of a football player in social networks call defaming all Russian sports, but the reasons for which the Russian football player was drunk remain unknown.