A drunken passenger on a plane


The drunk passenger was removed from the plane following to Egypt

20 April. At the St. Petersburg airportPulkovo"Because of a drunken passenger, almost staged a brawl before the moment of takeoff, the aircraft in Sharm el-Sheikh was detained for an hour.

At the time of the departure of the airliner departing from St. Petersburg to Sharm el-Sheikh for the taxiway, the crew of the plane drew attention to the actions of a drunk passenger who began to foul language, and then began to obsessively pester the passengers. Due to the events, the air liner commander decided to return the plane to the terminal, after which, the unsuccessful rowdy was dropped from the plane, and the flight received a delay of approximately one hour.

Recall that in aviadeboshirstvo Russian airliners is far from rare, and only for the current year, due to the actions of the passengers in a drunken state was delayed several flights.