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The drunken crew of "Air Baltic" could be "handed over" by offended Belarusians

New details have appeared on the case of the drunken crew of Air Baltic.

As it became known to the news agency, an anonymous call to the management of the Norwegian capital airport could become nothing more than a revenge on the air carrier, in particular, from the available information and opinions of specialists, to call and inform that on board the airline "Air Baltic" are Drunk crew members, could citizens of Belarus, who not so long ago were deported from the side of a passenger liner following to Greece.

Recall that just a few days before the discovery on board "Air Baltic»Drunken crew members, there was a conflict with the participation of Belarusian tourists heading to Greece to rest. Belarusian tourists were obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 25 thousand euros, and they disembarked from the plane for the brawl, and in a number of their comments, after the incident, they reported that on board, besides the passengers themselves, the cabin crew also used alcohol.

It is assumed that the Belarusians simply decided to report the facts of alcohol consumption on board the airline among the crew members, and the actions at random led to very unexpected discoveries.

At the moment, this information was not officially confirmed, but experts believe that such actions could well have taken place.


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