Aeroflot Debosh Moscow Bangkok plane
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Photo: Telegram


A drunk man flying from Moscow to Bangkok caused a row

On flight AFL270 of the domestic air carrier Aeroflot from Moscow to Bangkok, an incident occurred involving a passenger who, being intoxicated, began to cause a brawl. According to information from SHOT, a passenger named Sergei B., who took off from Sheremetyevo Airport, showed aggression, shouting obscenities at others and not responding to requests from the crew to calm down.

The situation escalated to such an extent that the man had to wear plastic handcuffs to protect the rest of the passengers and crew. There were about 350 people on board the Boeing plane at that time.

Upon arrival in Bangkok, the rowdy was handed over to the police. The incident highlights the importance of maintaining good behavior during flights and the consequences that can come for violating public order.


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