Drunk pilot from the Krasnoyarsk Territory hijacked the helicopter Mi-8

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a drunk pilot in a dispute with a friend hijacked a Mi-8 helicopter.

As a Avia.pro information resource learned from information obtained from direct witnesses, a drunk pilot of a local airline, arguing with a friend about his outstanding skill in the sky, made his way to the airfield and hijacked a Mi-8 helicopter. It is noted that the fact of the disappearance of the helicopter was noticed only after the pilot had already flown several minutes over the village of Turukhansk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) at extremely low altitudes, randomly maneuvering.

About an hour after the drunk pilot made a hijack of the Mi-8 helicopter, the aircraft made an independent landing at the airport, where the police detained the man.

During the flight, neither the man himself, nor the helicopter, nor any of the people who were on the ground, was injured, however, the man was charged under Article 211 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Hijacking the Aircraft".

the aircraft made a landing at the airport independent ??? !!!!! ..... to what technology has come! What I learned in school? For that I now pay a salary?