Drunken passengers plane


Drunk Russians brawled on board the flight Antalya - Voronezh

A drunk passenger arranged a rowdy aboard the Antalya-Voronezh flight.

The news agency Avia.pro has learned that the incident occurred last Sunday, but official information about this appeared only the day before. Based on official data, it follows that a resident of Voronezh, while aboard a passenger airliner Boeing 737, Who followed from Antalya to Voronezh, consumed alcohol, and at the same time violated the calmness of other passengers, including sending various insults to them.

The crew’s attempts to prevent unlawful actions on the man’s side failed, and even after the flight attendant took the bottle of alcohol, a Voronezh resident drew another bottle from his carry-on bag, and after a short drinking of a strong drink, he began to make threats against the crew.

Upon the arrival of a passenger plane to Voronezh, the police detained the airbase, and in the near future the verdict of the court will be pronounced on the fact of the act, according to experts, a man faces a large fine.


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