Krasnodar Pashkovsky Airport


Work resumed Airport Pashkovsky Krasnodar

Krasnodar Pashkovsky Airport restored work after heavy snowfall.

Recall that literally the day before, Krasnodar was in the zone of the strongest cyclone, as a result of which a large amount of precipitation in the form of snow fell. These circumstances led to the fact that the work of the Krasnodar Pashkovsky airport was partially paralyzed, and at least 10 flights were delayed, two of which were due to fly to Vienna and Dubai.

It was supposed that the consequences of the snowfall would be completely eliminated in the evening. However, in reality, the normal operation of the Krasnodar Pashkovsky airport was resumed only after midnight.

At the moment, Krasnodar Pashkovskiy Airport operates in its normal mode, accepting and sending aircraft.