Plane airport Blagoveshchensk


The work of the Blagoveschensk airport again failed

Operation Blagoveshchensk airport goes smoothly.

Based on the official information provided to the information portal by the information service of the Blagoveshchensk airport, the arrival of one flight from the capital's Domodedovo airport and the flight from Khabarovsk is delayed at the same time, the Blagoveshchensk airport employees also reported that the departure was delayed, At least two flights.

At the moment, the reasons for the airport malfunction remain unknown. Blagoveshchensk - the editorial staff of our aviation resource could not contact the management of the aviation hub, however, it is worth noting that the airport information service clarified that the problems are not related to the meteorological situation.

According to some reports, the normal functioning of the airport will be established only by the evening of today.


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