The work of air defense against Ukrainian GMLRS missiles was shown on video

A video of repelling HIMARS strikes using the Tor air defense system has been published.

The Russian military has published unique video footage showing how Russian air defense systems repel an attack by Ukrainian MLRS HIMARS. The attack was carried out using only six missiles, however, a much larger number of anti-aircraft guided missiles were required to successfully hit targets.

On video footage captured by a Russian soldier in the NVO zone, one can see that the interception of missiles is actually carried out directly under the flight path of HIMARS missiles.

This somewhat reduces efficiency, however, provides the ability to detect and capture targets in the form of GMLRS missiles. In parallel with the Tor complex, the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system also operates, which also launches missiles to secure the Tor.

In total, the video footage shows the launches of at least 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles of the Tor and Pantsir-S complexes. Judging by the video, at least one of the six GMLRS missiles was recorded, however, how successful the interception of other missiles was is still unknown.


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