The AGM-88 missile was launched by the MiG-29 fighter

The American AGM-88 missile was launched by the MiG-29 fighter.

The target on which the missile was fired is not officially disclosed, however, it is known that this was done by the MiG-29 fighter, specially converted to launch such missiles. Information on this subject was announced by the Deputy Head of the US Department of Defense during a briefing.

As follows from the data presented, the MiG-29 fighters were adapted specifically for the use of such missiles. Presumably, we are talking about fighter jets sent to Ukraine by one of the European countries, which allowed the Ukrainian military to launch missiles on outgoing radar radiation from air defense systems.

It is known that fragments of only one exploded rocket have been found to date, however, it is noted that about 50 rockets were provided to Ukraine in total. This does not exclude the possibility that there were, in fact, many more launches. Taking into account the limited range of missiles, it is obvious that the missile was launched from the territory of the Nikolaev region. In turn, experts note that the missiles were launched blindly, since it is impossible to place equipment on the MiG-29 fighters in order to purposefully carry out strikes using such weapons and after flying along a certain trajectory, the missile itself should probably detect its own goal.