The missile passed a few tens of centimeters from military journalists

The film crew of "EuroNews" came under rocket fire - the rocket passed in a few centimeters from the journalists.

The journalists of the film crew of the EuroNews TV channel came under rocket fire, and only miraculously was not destroyed - the released anti-tank guided missile passed a few centimeters from the vehicle, after which it exploded, damaging the car.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the rocket hitting the journalists' vehicle, while it is still unknown who exactly fired at the TV channel's vehicle - according to one source, the attack was carried out from Azerbaijan, however, there is also information that that the blow was delivered by the army of Artsakh.

“Wow, that's lucky, so lucky. The film crew of "Euronews" in Karabakh almost filmed their death. The ATGM missile passed just above the vehicle. The explosion came from behind, slightly damaging the car. Born in the bronzes ", - the Russian news agency "Anna News" reports.

It is known that none of the journalists of the film crew of the EuroNews TV channel were injured.

The operator of the complex entrusted the operator 100% so that the car would only catch on. The time for the blood of the media has not yet come.