Shot down a drone


Rocket R-73 "Archer" hit a drone drone. Video

The P-73 missile was hit by a Saudi shock drone CH-4B.

Day before it became known that the Archer missile P-73, launched from a ground-based launcher, was able to destroy the Saudi Arabian assault unmanned aerial vehicle. The incident occurred in the territory of Yemen, during the attempts of the Saudi military to attack the position of the Yemeni rebels.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the CH-4B drone drone developed in China is essentially just a pile of scrap metal, and although the Saudi media reported that the drone fell due to a technical fault, experts note that such damage could only leave a powerful rocket, which corresponds to the arguments of the Hussites.

Since the beginning of this year, this is not the first unmanned aerial vehicle of Saudi Arabia destroyed over Yemen with the help of the Soviet archer P-27 and P-73 “Archer”, which seize an air target before the drone is able to strike, which indicates that that Saudi Arabia will continue to lose its drones.

Earlier, the Saudi Air Force Command refused to use fighters and bombers to strike Yemen because of the risk of losing them.

And who bothers to buy better shell? Or this does not exist ???