The missile with an accurate blow dented the BMP into the ground by half a meter

With an exact hit of a missile in an infantry fighting vehicle, the combat vehicle was pressed into the ground by half a meter.

As a result of a high-precision missile hitting an infantry fighting vehicle, the type of which could not be determined due to serious damage, the latter was literally dented into the ground. This indicates that such military equipment cannot withstand missile weapons.

On the presented video frames, you can see the destroyed infantry fighting vehicle. Judging by the damage received by the combat vehicle, the detonation of the ammunition load was avoided, however, the BMP received critical damage - the rocket hit the turret exactly, as a result of which the latter was pushed through the armored hull, and the combat vehicle itself was pressed almost half a meter into the ground (the rear of the BMP - ed.).

At the moment, the fate of the crew of the combat vehicle remains unknown, however, given that the latter was inside at the time of the strike, then for obvious reasons he had no chance of surviving, since the multi-ton tower actually pierced the bottom of the armored vehicles.

With the use of which particular weapons the strike was carried out is unknown, however, judging by the fact that smoke is still rising over the destroyed military equipment, it is logical to assume that the attack was carried out directly under the control of the drone.