Start-up of the Vanguard rocket


Avangard missile systems will serve up to 2060 year

The newest Russian Avangard complex will be in the service of the Strategic Missile Forces until 2060.

Despite the fact that new types of weapons are being actively developed and created in the world, quickly replacing those weapons that were put into service with 10-15 years ago, it became known about existing plans to keep the Avangard missile system in service at least until 2060 of the year.

This is evidenced by a curious document published by the “Telegram” channel “Gallifrey technologies”, according to which, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The State Space Research and Production Center named after MV Khrunichev” produced an order for the extension of the operation of rubber products approx. ed.), completing unit С300, up to 42 years. It is known that the work is planned to be carried out on the topic “4202”, corresponding to the name of the ROC on the creation of the Avangard hypersonic missile system.

Taking into account the fact that the Avangard missile system is only just beginning to be put into service, it is planned to write off it earlier in the year 2060, which indicates the significant prospects of this complex for Russia.