NATO missile launchers in Ukraine may be remotely controlled


NATO missile launchers in Ukraine may be remotely controlled

Military correspondent Alexander Sladkov recalled last year’s incident in the Bryansk region, when the forces of the Russian Guard defeated a sabotage group of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The captured militants said that their task was to install loaded and camouflaged kamikaze drones near a specific target. It was assumed that these drones would be activated by a signal from the NATO Space Group for several days and then be directed to their intended targets.

Sladkov noted that this case indicates the possible remote control of missile launchers and drones in Ukraine from other countries, perhaps even from other continents. He suggested that strikes on Russian territory could be carried out not according to the plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but according to plans developed in Washington or London. This leads to the conclusion that American specialists, not bound by official NATO obligations, can control missile launchers supplied to Kyiv and launch strikes against Russia, while the responsibility is formally assigned to Ukraine.

However, experts consider Sladkov’s statement to be far-fetched and has nothing to do with reality. According to experts, automatic control of such systems will cost much more and there is little point in it.


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