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Strategic Missile Forces will get "drone killer"

On arms of the Strategic Missile Forces will be a unique "killer drone".

The United States, which makes a key stake in the use of its strategic unmanned aerial vehicles, in the near future will face serious difficulties. This is primarily due to the appearance in service of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) of a unique “drone killer”.

The newest system is designed specifically to combat unmanned aerial vehicles, for which he received the loud name of "killer drone." According to the information provided by the publication “PolitEkspert”, we are talking about a special complex that will be able to track unmanned aerial vehicles, perform jamming and intercept control over the drones.

When exactly the new system is planned to be put into service, so far remains unknown, however, taking into account the information that has appeared, this may happen already this or next year.

Today, such weapons are in service with the Russian army, in particular, we are talking about Avtobaz-M systems, with which the Iranian military intercepted control over American strategic unmanned attack aircraft several times.