US guided missile cruiser Chancellorsville enters Chinese waters off Nansha Islands

An American missile cruiser invaded China's territorial waters.

Due to a mistake made by American sailors, the missile cruiser Chancellorsville invaded China's territorial waters near Nansha Island. The American side categorically denies the violation of China's territorial waters, however, China stated that they have all the evidence that the invasion really took place, including the recording of information from the radar.

Immediately after the incident, the NAOC Air Force raised fighter jets into the sky, and ships of the PLA Navy were sent to the invasion site. Escalation was avoided largely due to the fact that the violation was recorded for a short time. However, this is a rather serious incident that could well lead to unpredictable consequences for the United States, since Beijing has repeatedly warned Washington about violating its territorial waters, emphasizing, among other things, its readiness to attack violating ships after the first warning.

It should be noted that the incident itself with the invasion of the American ship Chancellorsville into the territorial waters of the PRC is largely connected with the US provocation.


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