Missile cruiser


The US missile cruiser, heading to "intimidate" the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean, broke down after a few hours

An American missile cruiser, heading to "intimidate" Russian ships in the Mediterranean, was taken in tow.

A few hours ago, the American missile cruiser Vella Gulf CG-72, leaving the Rota naval base, headed for the eastern Mediterranean Sea, as Western media previously claimed, for "Intimidation" The Russian fleet, however, became aware that just a few hours later, the American warship was taken in tow - according to representative data, the power plant of the American missile cruiser was out of order.

"Despite the fact that he set sail early in the morning, the USS Vella Gulf CG-72 returned at four o'clock in the afternoon to the Rota naval base after six hours of navigation."- said in the message.

There are no official details on this score, however, experts note that if an American missile cruiser has problems with the power plant, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to fix the malfunction promptly.

Obviously, the attempt by the American military to "intimidate" the Russian fleet ended in complete failure, while the incident that occurred will clearly damage the reputation of the United States, since this is not the first time that American ships cannot perform their tasks due to technical malfunctions.

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