C-400 in the Arctic


Missiles will not pass: Russian C-400 have closed the Arctic

The Arctic is completely closed from any air strike.

Russian information publication "Glas.ru"Reports that the anti-aircraft missile regiment of air defense of the Northern Fleet of Russia took up combat duty in the Arctic, thereby closing the region from air strikes.

“The anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Northern Fleet’s air defense, which is located on Yuzhny Island, in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic, has at its disposal the S-400 Triumph air defense system. It is known that earlier only C-300 was at their disposal. However, after the personnel undergo retraining, the regiment is fully prepared for combat duty with the new air defense systems. According to representatives of the department, the transition to these complexes will significantly strengthen the defense of the airspace of the Arctic ”, - informs the Russian edition.

It is noteworthy that the Arctic was still considered one of the most vulnerable places when air strikes against Russia, however, thanks to the appearance of some of the best air defense and missile defense systems in the world, experts believe that any threat will be eliminated.

All lie to each other. Yes, and to ourselves. This is politics.

The Arctic is undoubtedly the most vulnerable region, and they will start scorching on it earlier than on Omsk. He’s Omsk - nobody needs him at all: neither they, nor us. From Omsk for a long time all the rocket launchers were taken out, and who will be able to check whether they entered the Arctic?