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Missiles at a Russian aircraft in Syria were fired from a Turkish military base

The Turkish military is behind the attack on the Russian aircraft.

An attempt to shoot down a Russian military aircraft over the Syrian province of Idlib the day before was made by the Turkish military. Initially, it was reported that we are talking about a Russian fighter plane, which actually attacked terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib. Later, the type of the aircraft was questioned, as information appeared that it could be either a Su-24 bomber or an unmanned aerial vehicle. Nevertheless, as it turned out, two anti-aircraft missiles were fired at once from the territory of a Turkish military base located in Idlib. This means that the Turkish forces are responsible for the attack.

It is known that it was not possible to shoot down a Russian aircraft due to the fact that the missiles did not manage to catch up with it in time, although initially it was reported that the attack was thwarted due to those released by the Russian aircraft (according to the preliminary version - ed.) false heat targets.

 In favor of the version that we are talking about a Russian aircraft, the fact that an attack using MANPADS against a drone would be ineffective and the missiles would hardly be aimed at the thermal radiation of the drone speaks for itself.

No official statements have yet been made regarding the attack on the Russian aircraft.

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