HIMARS MLRS missiles attacked Snizhne in the LPR

The settlement of Snezhnoye in the DPR was subjected to fierce bombardment by HIMARS systems.

At the moment, it is known that the strike was inflicted on the enterprise, as a result of which several dozen pieces of equipment were destroyed. The video footage of the strike was captured by an outdoor surveillance camera, however, it is noteworthy that the HIMARS MLRS strike was delivered outside the range of missiles for these systems, which are in service with Ukraine.

This is the second attack by the Ukrainian army on the city of Snezhnoye in the DPR over the past week. As before, the attack was carried out with unidentified types of missiles, since the attack was carried out from a distance of 90-95 kilometers, with a maximum range of M30 and M31 missiles of 84 kilometers.

On video footage taken by a surveillance camera, you can see the moment of the destruction of the enterprise located in the city of Snezhnoye. According to preliminary data, there were no dead or injured as a result of the attack by the Ukrainian army, however, the attack turned out to be extremely powerful.

The type of missiles has not yet been determined, but the use of some unknown munitions in the attack raises concerns that the US may have provided Ukraine with longer-range missiles.


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