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Revealed a serious flaw of the Russian strategic bomber "Messenger", making it vulnerable

A messenger was found to have a very serious flaw in the latest Russian strategic bomber.

Specialists discovered one of the very serious vulnerabilities in the latest Russian strategic bomber “Messenger”, which could affect the fact that this aircraft, capable of carrying up to 30 tons of weapons, could not reach its target. This causes a lot of fears for the fate of the new generation Russian bomber, which will have to replace the obsolete aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

As noted by the media, one of the very big drawbacks of the Russian Messenger bomber is its speed, which will not exceed the speed of sound. According to experts, for this reason, the Russian bomber will not be able to promptly attack the enemy and will most likely be shot down even in spite of the stealth technologies used in its construction.

“As the developers from the Tupolev Design Bureau explain, the sixth generation bomber-missile carrier is not a modernization of existing aircraft of this class, but it is a fundamentally new aircraft. The aircraft can partly replace the Tu-160 strategic bomber and long-range Tu-22M3 bomber. Unlike the previous development of the Tupolev, the supersonic Tu-160, the Messenger will be slower - only subsonic speed will be available to it. In the same open sources it is explained that this will significantly increase the flight range and the time spent by the missile carrier in the air "- reports the publication "Sight".

On the other hand, given the fact that one of the oldest Russian armament Tu-95 bombers also operates at subsonic speed, but at the same time is an effective carrier of nuclear weapons, this problem may not manifest itself, however, the aircraft itself is clearly not enough subsonic engines in order to serve the Armed Forces for a long time.

He does not need "to the goal." Only until the start of the launch.

So it’s not even built)))
And the picture looks more like a transporter ...

I am sure they will do it right !!!

A few years ago, open sources wrote that PACDA would be subsonic, because Supersonic already exists, and the creation of hypersonic will stretch for decades.

And then all of a sudden "experts discovered" :)))

Dear Expert! Explain the last sentence of your amazing PACDA message - what “engines are not enough” and why?

So will he be vulnerable? No. First, the presence of electronic warfare and other defense equipment, which will be even more perfect for deliveries of a bomber to the aerospace forces. Second, long-range missiles with a speed of 5-20 Mach will allow the bomber not to enter the air defense strike zone. He can let them out, flying only a couple of thousand kilometers and from a good height or barrage for a long time over our territory. under the protection of our air defense

he is not even adopted