Unexpected vulnerability of US Patriot missile defense systems revealed

The American system "Patriot" found "childhood illness."

Despite the fact that the American Patriot system is positioned by Washington as one of the best air defense / missile defense systems in the world, it suddenly turned out that it had a serious vulnerability that it managed to reveal after being hit by X-55 cruise missiles or their copies.

As analysts were able to find out, the American Patriot air defense and missile defense systems not only cannot successfully hit air targets, but in fact they cannot even detect them, especially in the case of a massive strike.

“The third day has passed since the Hussites hit the largest oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, but no one can still determine with certainty where the blow came from. Moreover, obviously the American Patriot cannot work effectively with many targets, and are simply useless when delivering massive strikes, not to mention that ballistic missile strike reflection is not at all a profile of these systems. ”, - said the expert

It should be clarified that several Patriot systems actually launched anti-aircraft missiles at targets, but only two cruise missiles were shot down, which confirms the version that a mass strike simply puts Patriot into a stupor.