Thunder UAV


Revealed the main secrets of the Russian attack UAVs "Okhotnik" and "Thunder"

For the first time, the armament of the Russian shock drones "Hunter" and "Thunder" has been revealed.

For the first time, the Russian military has revealed the secret weapons of the Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicles "Okhotnik" and "Thunder". So, according to the data at the disposal of, the armament of Russian UAVs allows them to perform a variety of tasks, and in some cases these drones may well replace the strikes of fighters and bombers.

According to the data presented, the UAVs "Okhotnik" and "Thunder" (under development - editor's note) will have the same weapons as modern fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, while it is argued that this includes unguided bombs, FAB- 500, cruise missiles Kh-38, etc.

"For unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft classes, such as the heavy" Okhotnik "or the planned" Thunder ", the range of weapons will correspond to that used on manned fighters," - said the interlocutor of the agency "RIA Novosti". In March of this year, it was reported that the Grom attack unmanned aerial vehicle, developed by the Kronstadt Company, will be able to use the X-38 multipurpose guided missiles of the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation to engage various ground targets, ”the Russian news agency said. ANNA News ".

To date, only the Russian attack drone "Okhotnik" is being actively tested, however, experts note that Russia is actively developing modern UAVs, including introducing unique developments.