Disclosed the characteristics of the latest Russian fighter

The characteristics of one of the newest Russian fighters are disclosed.

The latest Russian MiG-35 fighter began to quickly attract special attention, in particular, this combat aircraft, according to some reports, interested India, Malaysia and Turkey, but until recently its characteristics remained unknown, which did not allow experts to judge this combat aircraft . Nevertheless, the manufacturer of this fighter nevertheless revealed the main characteristics of the combat vehicle.

“The maximum take-off weight of the fighter is 24 500 kg, and the maximum load is 6,5 tons. Speed ​​- 2100 km / h, maximum traction - 18000 kgf. The practical ceiling is declared in 16 thousand meters, flight range - 3 thousand kilometers. It has nine points of external suspension and an integrated 30-mm cannon, the armament includes air-to-air missiles of various ranges, air-to-surface missiles, adjustable bombs, unguided rockets and bombs of caliber up to 500 kg. ”- reports the publication "Military Review".

It is noteworthy that the MiG-35 fighter is positioned as a combat aircraft with reduced radar visibility, however, what exactly this fact is due to is not commented on.

Of course, they will not buy it abroad.