Il-76 Air Force of Ukraine
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The circumstances of the hijacking of the Ukrainian Il-76 to Iran are disclosed

Ukrainian Il-76 was not hijacked to Iran. Wealthy refugees paid Ukrainian pilots for the flight to Iran in gold, precious stones and currency.

The information and news agency previously reported that the Ukrainian military transport aircraft Il-76MD, allegedly hijacked to Iran, actually made a flight to Iran due to the fact that Ukrainian pilots sold the aircraft corny. As follows from the data of the Ukrainian media, the pilots were actually paid for the "lease" of the aircraft, and this was done by wealthy Afghan refugees.

“There were rich Shiite Hazaras on board, who paid for the flight to Iran with currency, gold and precious stones. That is, there was no theft. Moreover, according to Strana sources, most of the so-called "Afghan refugees" who are now being taken out by Ukrainian planes from Kabul also buy their seats on board for a lot of money. Naturally, all these payments go past the "official cash desk" ", - reports "".

Initially, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yevgeniy Yenin, announced that the Il-76MD aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was hijacked to Iran by unknown armed men. However, a day later, the Foreign Minister denied the statement of his deputy about the hijacking of the plane. Nevertheless, Iranian sources confirmed the arrival of a Ukrainian plane in the country with Afghan refugees, although no other details were provided in this regard.

How was it not stolen? And in the comments to the previous article about the theft, it was already calculated how much lard was bought with the earned pennies. That you didn't buy lard either?



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