Plane crash


Details of the crash of the Malaysian MH370 revealed

Details of the crash of flight MH370 have surfaced for the first time in several years.

The mysterious disappearance of a Boeing 777 passenger airliner of Malaysian Airlines in the skies over the Indian Ocean has received the first details. So, according to the report presented, the plane crash was not at all accidental - it was carefully planned by the crew of a passenger airliner.

According to the information presented in the report, the pilot carefully tried to obfuscate the means to track the location of the aircraft, after which he deliberately directed the aircraft to crash into the waters of the Indian Ocean.

“Global aircraft detection and tracking is possible with electronic track lines. Tracks are WSPR links and Inmarsat satellite arcs based on Burst Timing Offset and Burst Frequency Offset (BFO) data. The flight path is made up of several lines crossing at a certain point. The motion indicators are individual cables that match the predicted position of the aircraft following a given route at ground speed. The pilot didn't seem to care much about fuel consumption, more attention was paid to leaving false trails. "- said in the report of the American expert Richard Godfrey.

To date, experts have not been able to determine even the approximate area of ​​the crash of flight MH370 - an extensive search for traces of the crash continued for more than a year, but it was completely unsuccessful, which made the plane crash one of the most mysterious.

I completely agree, just someone wants to blame everything on the pilot.

People! There are many of you and many experts in this topic. Explain to me why the pilot, who decided to commit suicide and take away hundreds of more human lives, thinks over all the options for hijacking the plane, but so that no one can trace its path and place of fall. Why fly back to the Indian Ocean, if the Pacific Ocean is nearby and what difference does it make if the liner is tracked or not. Painfully tricky suicide, about such, I have not heard.