Russian military in Syria


Details of the Syrian military attack on pro-American Kurds in Syria are disclosed. Video

Details of the Syrian military attack on the Kurds in the Kamyshly region became known.

Two days earlier it became known about the armed conflict that occurred between the Syrian army and pro-American Kurdish formations in northern Syria. The Russian military also had to intervene in the incident, which literally dispersed the Kurds who fired on the Syrian troops, however, the details of what happened became known only now.

As it turned out, the Kurds entered into battle with the Turkish forces and the militants controlled by them, without notifying either the Syrian or Russian military. When the Syrian military attempted to take control of the situation, the Kurds began to fire at the Syrian military, as a result of which a skirmish ensued between the SAA and the Kurdish formations.

This information is partially confirmed by the Turkish side, which indicates the fact that the Kurds do not intend to adhere to agreements with the Syrian, Russian and Turkish armies, which may lead to an intensification of the conflict in northern Syria.

Amid an unexpected aggravation of the situation in northern Syria, the Arab media reported that the Russian military has strengthened its presence in this region, especially against the background of the Russian military air base in Kamyshly.