Air Base Khmeimim


Revealed details of the latest attack on the Russian airbase "Hmeymim"

It became aware of the consequences of an attack on the airbase "Hamine".

Attempts by militants "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham" (banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) Strike at the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Syria. It is from here that the VKS airplanes take off, inflicting air strikes on fortifications and terrorist groups, and it is on her that the Syrians pin their hopes.

More recently, the militants tried to attack the base with the help of UAVs equipped with explosives. On the nineteenth of May a new attempt was made to strike. This time, the militants of “Dzhebkhat an-Nusra” (banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note) used the MLRS for the shelling of the airbase.

The Ministry of Defense does not provide details of the attack carried out by terrorists from the Idlib de-escalation zone. There is only a comment that there are no casualties at the base, and there is no destruction either. The operation of the air base continues in the normal mode.

The command of the Russian military contingent has no doubt that the attempts of attacks by terrorists will stop only after their complete destruction. For this, all possible measures are taken.

During the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the operation in Syria, the military personnel of the Russian contingent have proved that they reliably protect the Khmeimim airbase from any attack. The rocket attack of the nineteenth of May was no exception. A launcher used by terrorists for shelling was found near the village of Kafer-Noble in the province of Idlib. Accurate blow Russian VKS she was destroyed.

And do not say, if it were not for Turkey, what would happen to Russia? I would have disappeared for a long time, I got on my knees ... Thanks to Mother Turkey.

Erdogan decided to dispose of Turkomans and some gray wolves in Syria, but it turned out that the tail controls the dog and the Turkomans rule Erdogan. Turkomans and gray wolves are wielding the Idlib of which the VKS must iron as the terrorists.

Turkey has always been and in the foreseeable future will remain a rival of Russia, periodically turning into an open enemy. Russia has not waged so many wars with anyone. I am sure that the leadership of Russia understands this and will not substitute the back of Turkey for a scribe. What are the Turkish sayings:
In your legs you lie - kiss your feet, and if you stand up - cut off your head.
If you can't cut off your hand, kiss her.

Turkey is like a bone in the throat of those who, together with the United States, want Russia to kneel down and be a cash cow ...

Very likely. The bipolar Erdogan.

Another portion of noodles ... Again, tales like "you should have been engaged in Turkey," again, some kind of nightingale-type liquid in their program pyrglasit "true" patriots of Russia, Bagdasaryan and his ilk and let's mud over Turkey.

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