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Revealed the strike capabilities of the Russian UAV S-70 "Okhotnik"

The first combat characteristics of the Russian attack UAV "Okhotnik" are revealed.

The head of the Russian corporation "Tactical Missile Armament" Boris Obnosov told the first details about the armament of the newest domestic attack unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 "Okhotnik". As it turned out, the complex of missile and bomb weapons of the Russian drone is modular, which allows you to equip the aircraft depending on the goals set (bombing, use as an interceptor, etc.). Particular attention is paid to the "Thunder-E" product.

“The prospects of this product are determined by a whole range of technical solutions that provide the possibility of deep modernization throughout the entire life cycle. Grom-E was created on the basis of the Kh-38ME modular multipurpose guided missile, equipped with various GOS variants. The modular construction of this ammunition provides almost unlimited possibilities for creating modifications with various types of combat equipment and guidance systems. And the high performance characteristics allow for an almost circular reach, including the rear hemisphere. This ensures the use of this ammunition for all types of targets, regardless of their mobility "- stated Obnosov.

According to the data previously presented by the information resource "", the newest domestic drone has already successfully completed bombing the Ashuluk range, however, by the middle of the year, the Russian UAV will also test itself as an interceptor - it will have to hit air targets, which will give a unique domestic development much more possibilities.