Russian nuclear submarine


Vulnerabilities of modern Russian nuclear submarines have been disclosed - they can be destroyed even with a light hit

Russian nuclear submarines were vulnerable to American submarines.

Modern Russian nuclear submarines have proven to be quite vulnerable to American submarines. According to preliminary information, even modern submarines can be destroyed with a light blow, and according to the American military, one US submarine can easily withstand three Russian submarines at once.

“Russian experts were forced to admit that the current shortcomings could give the US Navy“ big booty ”in the form of the sinking of three Russian submarines. The Defense Industry Reporter newspaper quotes the words of the military expert Maxim Klimov: "In a combat situation, a US Navy submarine is capable of sinking all three nuclear-powered submarine cruisers of the Russian Navy." Klimov commented on this after reporting that at least one US submarine operated close to Russian submarines during the Umka-21 exercise. In theory, this simultaneous presence could give the US Navy "big booty" - to sink three Russian submarines, "Soha reports.

According to Klimov, the power of Russian submarines should not be doubted, however, not a single Russian modern nuclear submarine has effective means of countering torpedo attacks, and, therefore, the penetration of only one American submarine into the base area of ​​Russian nuclear submarines makes it easy to destroy them. ...

Of course, in a real naval battle, none of the participants is 100% insured ... ... including the American nuclear submarines ... they can also be sunk by Russian torpedoes ... one side or the other ... The Russian General Staff, of course, knows about it ... and, accordingly, they are preparing ...

And who is Klimov, a sofa expert!

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But Bugs, this is a separate topic, they will shake your whole soul out of you, especially in a confined space.
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So the American submariners got a lot of impressions and pleasures.
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You dear Bedbug cannot even imagine (if not submerged) how many cockroaches are on our boats.

Oh, those sofa experts for me. Have you already forgotten how the Russian submarine surfaced in the middle of the Hudson? At the same time, no one saw how she approached and then left. Why didn’t they detect any means of detection?

The expert of Novaya Gazeta must be trusted! they don't lie))))

What do you think there were only 3 Russian strategists? And besides, you think they would be released there without cover? There, at least 2 more nuclear submarines were under water and covered those who surfaced.

Experts will be recruited.

Come on, torpedoes, mines, that's how it should be, Klop-PL:
The American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut has been infested with bedbugs, the Navy Times reported.
According to media reports, the insects came on board in March last year, during the ICEX-2020 exercise in the Arctic Ocean. After that, the crew for several months unsuccessfully tried to poison the "bloodsuckers" on their own.
Due to the invasion of insects, many sailors had to sleep on chairs and the floor: the crew had "total lack of sleep and fatigue, which threatened the submarine's combat capability."

Now the submarine has been treated with special substances, but the sailors fear that the bugs may return. :)

Bedbug-PL - I'll be back.

The American was not far from our boats during "Umka21", and therefore could only destroy the enemies. But why is the fact of her "admitted presence" near the teachings taken by the author as a one-sided successful tactic?

You will laugh, but you can destroy any US submarine without using any other submarines at the touch of a button. And in general, all at once!

The fact is that not a single American submarine is equipped with systems for countering deep-sea mines ...

The "show event" of breaking the ice just showed the ability to throw at least 96 YBGs, each megaton each, in one gulp, into the shining city on the hill and the abode of democracy and tolerance. And how many of them will be intercepted - the boats are invisible under the ice, and when the ice was broken - the train left, sir.

It's just ridiculous to read articles like this, reasoning at grade 3

Article - the nonsense of the sofa analyst

To counter this, there are multipurpose hunting boats, anti-submarine ships, anti-submarine helicopters and aircraft and satellites and reconnaissance of the Navy, which track all movements of NATO ships, and no one will let them come close to the strike distance. Strategists have torpedoes for self-defense. Our multipurpose nuclear submarines can do the same with American submarines ... In addition, strategists do not go in a pack, except for ostentatious events, such as breaking ice at a pole ...

Does the American boat have the means to repel a torpedo attack? Something like an underwater patriot ??? Enlighten, pzhl.

Laughed, thanks)!

Again, the article is about nothing. Just about nothing.

If there is an enemy submarine nearby and if it is not attacked, it can destroy everyone.

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Well done, the conclusion is brilliant.