Wreckage Boeing 737-800


Deciphering flight recorders Boeing 737 can take weeks

Experts do not exclude that from the flight recorders data decryption crashed airliner Boeing 737-800 in the Rostov airport zamёt week.

Previously, information and news portal Avia.pro reported that the experts have completed work on the copying of information from flight recorders of the crashed in Rostov-on-Don airliner Boeing 737-800, however, the experts involved in the investigation of the crash made it clear that the first data on this subject It will most likely be published no earlier than mid-April.

With what it is connected as a long and prolonged decryption information for now it remains unknown, however, it should be assumed that it is the information from flight recorders can provide the final version of what happened on the fateful night of March 19.

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