Plane crash in Vnukovo


Explanation of flight recorders Dassault Falcon 50 will be initiated only in the presence of French experts

Airborne recorders from the disaster victim on the eve of the capital airport Vnukovo aircraft Dassault Falcon 50 Will be deciphered in the presence of experts from France.

At the moment, it is not known whether the “black boxes” will be deciphered in the territory of the Russian Federation, or whether the experts will prefer to do it in France, however, in both cases there will be observers from both sides. It also became known that the driver of the snowplow in which the plane crashed on the runway remained alive and came back to normal, but the investigation ordered to place the man under arrest for a period of 48 days.

It is assumed that the decoding of flight recorders from the crashed at the Moscow airport Vnukovo Will begin tomorrow.