Wreckage Boeing 737-800


The investigation of the crash in Rostov: version of the attack is excluded

Experts have ruled out a terrorist attack on the plane «Flydubai».

Information about this was made public after the experts involved in the investigation of the wreckage of the passenger airlinter that crashed at the Rostov airport, carefully studied the remains of the aircraft for finding traces of explosives on them. In view of the fact that absolutely no signs of explosives were found, experts came to the conclusion that the likelihood of a terrorist act was completely ruled out, and in the compartment with the fact that earlier IAC representatives had stated that the aircraft was technically sound, the most likely cause of the accident was the crew's fault .

It should be specified that the experts are unlikely to complete the investigation and to voice the official version of the circumstances of the disaster, however, preliminary results point to the fact that the culprit could be raskoordinirovannye actions of the crew members.


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