The area with the S-300 complexes came under shelling and attacks from Azerbaijan

S-300 air defense positional areas located to the north of Stepanakert came under fire and strikes from Baku.

After the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published a video in which a kamikaze drone strikes the launcher of the S-300 complexes of the Armenian Air Force, it became known that another area with deployed complexes of this type was attacked. The latter is said to be located north of Stepanakert - the area is being actively fired upon by artillery.

According to open sources, to the north of Stepanakert is the positioning area of ​​the S-300 complexes of the Armenian Armed Forces. Apparently, radar equipment and several mobile launchers are located here, which, obviously, is associated with regular shelling in this direction. Moreover, in the same region there are also positional areas of the Krug air defense missile system, in connection with which these air defense systems can also be attacked.

Apparently, with its attacks, Azerbaijan intends to completely suppress the defense of this region, which will make it possible to more actively use the means of combat aviation, including the Turkish, since, according to official Yerevan, the F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force are actively striking the territory of the NKR, and are involved in the destruction of the Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force.

Well, ares, considered themselves tough guys. Let's see now!