One S-300, two S-300: footage of the destruction of positions of modern variants of the S-300 air defense system appeared

Satellite images of the destroyed positions of the S-300 air defense system appeared.

At the disposal of the resource were unique satellite footage, which recorded the destruction of the positions of the S-300 "Favorite" air defense system by the strike of two unmanned aerial vehicles. As the sources clarify, as a result of a direct hit from kamikaze drones, a radar station and a mobile launcher of an air defense missile system were destroyed, and the effect of destruction is striking.

The satellite imagery clearly shows two destroyed positions at one of the military installations. It is reported that the strike was carried out by two Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles, while much more questions are raised by the fact why the complex was not brought into combat position, the radar did not detect two drones, and the positions were not covered by short-range air defense systems.

“There are a lot of questions for the command here. In fact, the destruction of the S-300 positions is due to the banal carelessness of the military, although everyone was well aware that the use of drones was actively underway. Nevertheless, the fact remains - one of the most modern versions of air defense systems was destroyed, and this was done by an ordinary drone ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that there are still no official statements on this matter.

from a distance of 20 km, this UAV cannot strike, the maximum distance of its MAM-L ammunition is 14 km.

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This is Pashinyan's betrayal, he put Russian equipment in the shooting gallery.