The Su-35 crashed on Sakhalin was completely serviceable - the pilot made a fatal mistake

The Russian Su-35 was lost due to pilot error.

The Russian information resource "BMPD" reports that the Russian Su-35 fighter, which crashed a few days ago, was fully operational until the pilot ejected. As it turned out, it was because of the actions of the pilot that the 4 ++ generation combat vehicle was lost.

It is reported that while preparing for departure, the pilot accidentally switched the switch for shooting heat traps to automatic mode, and during takeoff due to external thermal effects (presumably due to the operation of the radar of the fighter and the radar of the military airfield - approx.ed.) triggering of heat traps. The pilot took this as a fire in a combat vehicle and hastened to leave the fighter.

It is known that the pilot ejected at the military airfield, however, surprisingly, the fighter continued its flight without a pilot. After 1 hour and 13 minutes, due to running out of fuel, the combat aircraft crashed. This, by the way, is confirmed by the corresponding video frames from the crash site, on which you can see that the crash area is very small.

It is reported that the fighter in autonomous mode flew at an altitude of 13 kilometers and at the same time was completely uncontrollable and could easily cross the border of neighboring states, which would be a very serious incident.

The command of the Russian Aerospace Forces has not yet officially commented on this information, however, apparently, due to his mistake, the pilot will have to pay the cost of the destroyed combat aircraft.

How can you not distinguish the triggering of heat traps from an engine fire? Have our pilots never seen how this actually happens? The engine fires are extremely rare!

Do not confuse combat losses and losses due to your own stupidity. What do you mean "the pilot accidentally turned on ..." or "the pilot took it for .." ??? This is me or you can "accept", but he still MUST BE a professional. Devices. showing engine fire. worked?

Have you heard about property insurance in the army?

and where is the guarantee that the first su57 crashed through no fault of the pilot? personally I am sure that the pilot is to blame

>> Three lives won't be enough for him to pay the cost

The cost of the fighter is 60 million dollars, which means that you need to pay 20 million in one life, if you work 60 years in life, then you need to pay 27.7 thousand dollars a month.

For non-believers, google: "the pilot was awarded a broken one" and you will find out that in the Russian Federation pilots are forced to pay tens and hundreds of millions for lost equipment. If a conflict begins with one of the countries, none of them will even sit in the cockpit, once again risking their wallet.

Let him take a loan!))

The pilot took this as a fire in a combat vehicle and hastened to leave the fighter.
----- The pilot received a command from the flight director (RP) to eject. RP took the shooting of traps for a fire and gave the command to eject, the pilot carried out the command.

Auto articles lives in a parallel universe, the pilot must pay the cost of the fighter, do you even know how much the fighter costs? Three lives won't be enough for him to pay the cost