Plane crash


The Il-112V crashed in the suburbs of Moscow was not supposed to rise into the air - its engine regularly failed

The crashed Il-112V had engine problems and could not be lifted into the air.

According to the data presented, the newest Russian military transport aircraft Il-112V, which crashed the day before in the Moscow region, should not have been tested. The reason for this is the fact that the aircraft had previously identified engine problems. At the same time, it was not possible to establish the cause, although the engines on the plane were never replaced.

“After the first flight, which took place in 2019 and was also accompanied by problems, the Il-112V stood on the ground for almost a year and a half. Then the aircraft began to be actively exploited and rather quickly found out that it had problems with the engine again - this happened on the sixth flight. The source did not disclose the nature of the problems. "- reports the Russian news agency

Earlier, information appeared on the Web that the TV7-117 engines used in the Il-112V aircraft may generally be of little use for operation, since they do not provide sufficient thrust.

“The development was not without problems: in the process of assembling the prototype, the superiority of the design was revealed. The engine also added a headache: TV7-117ST with a takeoff power of up to 3000 hp. was clearly insufficient for a machine of these dimensions, limiting its maximum takeoff weight, payload and takeoff and landing characteristics. However, considered in the early 2000s as a promising engine VK-3500 - with a capacity of 3500 hp. with the prospect of forcing up to 4000 - 4200 hp. - was never created. TV7-117, originally designed for the IL-114 passenger aircraft with a capacity of 2500 hp, was eventually boosted to 3000 hp, and also has an "emergency" boost mode up to 3600 hp. However, reliability the power plant with such use is seriously questioned ", says Russian journalist Ilya Kramnik.

In the near future, a special commission will be created, which will reveal all the circumstances of the plane crash. There is a risk that the timing of the completion of tests of the Russian Il-112V may be shifted by more than a year, which casts doubt on the implementation of two state programs at once.

As a result of the crash of the Russian Il-112V, three crew members were killed, while destruction and casualties on the ground were avoided. It is reported that the plane was able to stay in the air for only 4 minutes.

How many know-it-alls and know-it-alls do we have! So Ilya Kramnik slipped in. There will be no disasters if you stop all flights. And it will be quieter and calmer. Leave only the fourth estate. She will once again point out that everything in life is not the way it really is. Well, also, sources. "So that there was something to get to grips with.

On the 18th they found black boxes, crumpled, but fit for information retrieval.

Whatever it was, but any two-motor aircraft without any problems should land on its own, and not fall into a tailspin. This means that the problem is not only in the engine, but also in the fuselage structure itself.

It turns out that without Ukrainian engine engineers, the Russians cannot do anything similar to the AI-24 and AI-20.

Found two black boxes of the earlier crashed Il-112V. Investigators hope to be able to establish the exact cause of the plane crash by listening to the pilots' talks. This is reported by TASS with reference to a source.

There are very trusting comments from specialists on the network, some, as for me, are very similar to the real picture of what happened, BUT we are waiting for a decryption.

There was such a dvigun AI-20, couldn't you repeat it?

VK-3500 engine - 3500 hp
Here it probably needs to be completed, so that with a margin of safety and power

It's a pity for the dead guys ... VERY Pity.
Perhaps I am mistaken, but an airplane that has been made periodically for 30 YEARS will not fly. And is it needed with such characteristics.

127-12 years ago they tried to put the Canadian PW-14 on our Mi-38 helicopter. But Canadians "walk" under the American State Department. And it's better not to mess with them. But TV3-117 needs to be improved.

The failure of one engine is not the cause of the accident; this mode is taken into account when designing the aircraft. We are waiting for the decoding of the "black boxes", and so the noise in the network could be raised by those who are profitable to install on silt, for example, the Canadian engine PW-127. We are waiting for decryption of data and do not listen to any predictors from the Internet