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Crashed in Rostov plane could be defective

Crashed in Rostov-on-Don airliner could be a technical fault.

At the moment resource has not officially confirmed the information that crashed last night in the Rostov airport airliner Boeing 737-800 owned air carrier «Flydubai» could have a technical malfunction, which in turn supported the cause of 35-minute delay departure. Given the fact that the plane when approaching the Rostov-on-Don for some time circling over the airport, it is likely that he had problems with the flaps, which is one of the most powerful version so far.

As a result of the collapse of the airliner were killed 62 person, thus, among the victims there are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries. Experts believe that after the detection and decoding of flight recorders will be able to establish the true reasons for the crash happened.