The amount of compensation for flight delays will reach 600 euros


The amount of compensation for flight delays will reach 600 euros

February 13. In the near future, laws will come into force to improve the quality of passenger transportation by airlines. At the moment, all airlines are waiting for the government of the Russian Federation to ratify the Montreal Convention.

 In this case, payments to passengers for delayed departures will be increased. All types of compensation are set in European currency. True, it should be noted that compensation will be paid according to the rate of the national bank of Russia. For delayed departure, passengers will receive from 300 to 600 euros.

 It is worth recalling that at the moment all airlines provide a wide range of different services for those who can not fly because of flight delays. Now available hotel rooms, free delivery to the hotel and back, daily food and drink.

 After ratification of these agreements, a variety of insurance claims will be increased. That is, for the loss or damage to goods. In addition, it is worth noting that fines for delaying flights will be increased. At the moment, the amount is only 25 percent of the minimum wage. The truth in this case we are talking about one hour of work. If you transfer the amount of the fine into national currency, the amount can reach four and a half million rubles.

 Thus, all airlines of Russia will work according to the new rules. It is worth paying attention to the fact that many companies, according to these rules, have been working for more than one year. These innovations should improve the quality of passenger service.



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