The world's first drone with laser weapons developed

The world's first drone with a laser weapon appeared.

Turkish designers have completed the development and presented a unique unmanned aerial vehicle, which is armed with a laser cannon. With a relatively small target hitting distance (up to 500 meters), the drone is capable of firing up to 10 accurate shots. This can prove to be a fairly effective weapon, especially given the relatively low cost of this UAV.

At the moment, it is known that the drone is being tested, but, probably, next year the drone will be able to enter service with the Turkish army. The maximum flight range of this drone reaches 10 kilometers and with a flight altitude of 3 kilometers, the drone may well get close to the enemy unnoticed. According to Turkish sources, the laser power is sufficient to burn steel plates several millimeters thick with a short pulse. It is suitable for attacking unarmored targets and equipped enemy positions. At the same time, Turkey believes that by 2025 the drone will be able to effectively deal with lightly armored targets, although initially the key purpose of the drone was the destruction of explosive objects.

It should be noted that today there are no drones in the world that are armed with laser weapons, although work in this direction is underway.


a drone with a laser pointer?

UAV "Eren" so far is planned only for making corridors in minefields. To find mines and target them on the quadcopter, quite ingenious sensors are installed.

for a laser, a multiple power reserve is required. Therefore, this one will be unable to burn through even a paper sheet in slightly out-of-weather.

Whether the laser will work in rain, snow or fog is a question.

and what to hit in a combat situation cans

10 shots - and change the batteries. By this ray, they will find him and aim at him. Works only in calm weather without precipitation