Su-57 developers have revealed the secret of the fighter's invisibility for radars

The main secret of the "stealth" technology of the Russian Su-57 fighter has been revealed.

The developers of the Russian fifth generation fighter have revealed the main secret of the Russian Su-57 combat aircraft - its stealth protection. According to the published data, the fighter is covered with several layers of special composites, which, forming a kind of "puff cake", absorb radio waves, thereby leaving the Su-57 invisible to enemy air defense radars.

“Each layer of a special coating has a specific function and its own unique thickness, which depends on the area of ​​application. Compounds - compositions based on various polymers - eventually form a kind of layer cake, the properties of which enable the Su-57 to significantly reduce radar signature.- said in the message.

Emphasizes that the thickness of the applied coating layer is carefully measured and controlled, as this factor has a significant impact on the "stealth" capabilities of the Russian combat aircraft.

Previously, experts suggested that gadolinium-based composites, capable of absorbing some radio waves, could be used as a coating for the Russian Su-57, which does not exclude the possibility that it is for this reason that a certain thickness of coatings was used, which ensures operation in several ranges of absorbed waves.