Flapping plane


The development of British scientists will save the aircraft from the explosion on board

Scientists from Great Britain have invented a special bag that will save the plane from a bomb explosion.

Know-how from British scientists is a special container, when placed in any kind of explosives with their subsequent detonation, will be able to hold not only the blast wave, but also the spread of flame. At the moment, a new invention is undergoing a series of additional tests, however, experts do not exclude that a new bag can be ordered by air carriers in the near future.

It is possible that the new bag, placed in the luggage compartment of passenger airliners, will be able to increase the level of safety of passenger transportation, however, as it became known to the editors of the information portal Avia.pro, the invention is rather limited in its capabilities and can only contain an explosion equivalent to the detonation force of four hundred grams of TNT ...

Among other things, it is assumed that thanks to the new invention, it will be possible to safely transport any substances capable of detonation on board the aircraft.


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