The development of the MC-21 aircraft cost four times more than the development of the Su-57

The development of the domestic MS-21 airliner turned out to be four times more expensive than the development of the Su-57 fighter.

According to the information provided by the Rostec state corporation, the development of the domestic MS-21 passenger airliner, which is only supposed to be certified, has cost four times more than the development program for the latest Russian fifth-generation fighter, the Su-57. According to the data presented, 21 billion rubles were spent on the creation of the promising MS-220 passenger airliner. This figure is far from being final, while 60 billion rubles were spent on the development and creation of the fifth generation fighter.

To date, MS-21 passenger airliners are not yet ready for the start of mass production and for deliveries to major customers. Experts do not exclude that the aircraft will already be certified next year, although the question of starting deliveries of these aircraft to customers is still open.

At the same time, the expected cost of the MS-21 passenger aircraft will be about $ 97-100 million. This is much cheaper than foreign counterparts from Airbus and Boeing, however, at the same time, sanctions from the West can have a very serious impact on the supply of aircraft to other countries, although foreign airlines have already expressed interest in these airliners.

This perfectly illustrates the conventionality of project budgets. A cheap little liner is 4 times more expensive than a fifth generation fighter!

Sukhoi is included in the UAC)))

ms already a month flies over me. different pretzels writes either sharply upwards or a steep reversal. certainly not aerobatics, but the work of the engines is impressive ... silence. many fly who live in the Ramenskoye district, not right next to the runway and a lot of people I see (hear) have something to compare with.

Yes, I also think that half of the funds are simply stolen! There is no outside control over the theft of funds. officials are usually in a share.

Just forget about export ... Sanctions will last forever

Give me 2 billion I will develop a spaceship

So MS will bring real profit during operation, and SU - only during sale

And what about production?

So MS will bring real profit during operation, and SU - only during sale

And the word "sanctions" does not come to mind?

On the development of Su were spent "pre-Crimean" rubles (30 per dollar), and on the MS - "post-Crimean" (70 per dollar).

The question of corruption immediately arises.

Hence the conclusion: in the KLA they steal four times more than from Sukhoi.

35 billion was spent on the development of f50, 21 billion on MS3, and 57 times less on su4? for the superjet also 3 billion (210 units were made), MC21 can replace in the Russian market + - 600 similar Boeing Airbuses, if 100 million each, you get 60 billion in revenue, so 3 billion will pay off for sure, plus export

I am sure that during the development of the su 57 there were classified items of expenditure, so it is not possible to understand how much was actually spent from official sources

And which of them is a corvette?))

It's the same as comparing a nuclear cruiser with a corvette.